Going Fourth

I just did a patriotic peramble  around my home “populated area”, about 5.5 miles, dressed in the flag graphic and red white’n’blue, And carrying a flag and a sign:

I woke up so angry about the terrible, funereal atmosphere in our country today.  This has GOT to be the nadir.  The expenditure of energy In striding along was therapeutic.... [Read More]


The National Garden

President Trump’s plan for the National Garden of American Heroes will include statues of these illustrious Americans: John Adams, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Daniel Boone, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Henry Clay, Davy Crockett, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin, Billy Graham, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur, Dolly Madison, James Madison, Christa McAuliffe, Audie Murphy, George Patton, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Jackie Robinson, Betsy Ross, Antonin Scalia, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, George Washington, and Orville and Wilbur Wright.

It should be open to public access before the 250th anniversary of the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2026, according to the press release.... [Read More]



We had another minor conservative victory delivered by President Trump.   He signed a new Executive Order.  Here is an excerpt:

Employers adopting skills- and competency-based hiring recognize that an over-reliance on college degrees excludes capable candidates and undermines labor-market efficiencies.... [Read More]


Miss Carter – From the Confident 1950’s to the Incoherent 2020’s.

Introductory note: I wrote this homage to a beloved teacher, Miss Carter, some time ago and set it aside. I came across it yesterday and reread it. I found a burning need to reset its context in light of current events. It thus reaches an inflection point and takes a sharp, negative turn, like our failing nation. 

It was the era when erasers had to be clapped and blackboards washed. First thing every morning we recited the Lord’s Prayer and read a Psalm. It was the 1955-56 academic year at Alexander Hamilton Junior High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I was in 7th grade. We had a class quaintly called “unified studies.” All I remember, though, is that we learned English. Our teacher that year was Miss Carter. She had gray hair and was older than my parents, so she qualified in my book as old – probably mid 50’s. She was what we called an “old maid” and she lived with Miss Neff a fellow maiden teacher. We and the times were sufficiently innocent back then that I do not recall any speculation whatever as to their sexual orientation; in those days there were only two sexes. They were both respected, indeed beloved teachers; strict disciplinarians, to boot.... [Read More]


You Have Gotta Be Freaking Kidding Me

I can see a future where whites will not be allowed to hold government jobs, visit government parks, or participate in government functions. Stories like this really make me wish we would have recolonized the blacks after the Civil War. I’m sorry but if you see this story and think “yeah that’s right,” then go back.



End the Left, with Ignominy

Moo U is my undergrad alma mater.  It gleefully abused furiously recruited  space alien-smart out-of-state students.  It was a giant in chemistry, physics, and computer science – fueled by those it administratively despised.  MSU is now a diversity hellhole, presumably with feelings.  Erode into the Red Sewer River, Moo U.  You couldn’t drown us all, and still can’t.

On Steve Hsu and the Campaign to Thwart Free Inquiry... [Read More]


Domestic Abuse

“The police” ( as in “Defund the”) are now sitting, or hanging, where “the priests “ were ‘long about 2 years ago now. To paraphrase the great Dr Seuss in  his book about the Star-bellied Sneetches: To be wearing a badge now is frightfully bad!
Welcome to the “Police Abuse Scandal” , coming hot on the heels of the “Priest Abuse Scandal”.  And in between, we had the  “White Heterosexual Male Abuse Scandal” which, witness Ed Henry, hasn’t abated a whit.

I have no brief either for priests or police.  But I do like men.  So it took me till now to realize what this clump of “abuse scandals” have in common, and what’s at the back of my mind that makes them all…familiar.... [Read More]


WSJ Journo Reaches Out to Gab

A former Facebook employee and current journalist at the WSJ contacted Andrew Torba of Gab to find out how to further deplatform Gab survives deplatforming. All the usual payment processors and many other service providers refuse to deal with Gab. The only ways to send them any money are Bitcoin and checks, including echecks.

I’m a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and I’m looking into how platforms with strong free speech policies are dealing with their dependence on large internet infrastructure companies (like Cloudflare).... [Read More]