Inner City Borderless America
… DemSoc Inner City Borderless America is simplicity itself.

… 1) Give legal status to all the world’s refugees.
… 2) End America’s suburban communities.  Executive Order low-income housing into every neighborhood and flood every community with immigrants.... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – When Hell Struck Twelve

Looking for a good read? Here is a recommendation. I have an unusual approach to reviewing books. I review books I feel merit a review. Each review is an opportunity to recommend a book. If I do not think a book is worth reading, I find another book to review. You do not have to agree with everything every author has written (I do not), but the fiction I review is entertaining (and often thought-provoking) and the non-fiction contain ideas worth reading.... [Read More]


Gearing up

We went to the grand opening of the Trump  2020 HQ in our county seat today, and stocked up on a whole buncha swag: hats, t-shirts, lawn signs , flags.  It’s right on  Courthouse Square, which I wish I had taken a picture of today, because I can’t imagine it’ll look this way much longer—it truly is a beautiful little municipal space. Well: carpe diem….

I turned around in the street to take in the scene, and punched my fist in the air, and a chubby ( well, pretty much everybody is: this is NEPA; the three  ladies keeping track of the donations all looked like Mrs. Santa Claus) MAGA hat-wearing man beside me said: “Everybody on OUR side is so enthusiastic! And Biden has NO enthusiasm at al!”  “That’s  RIGHT! “ I responded. “Go Trump!  And good luck to YOU, sir!”  I replied—and we actually……shook hands!... [Read More]


Opposition Party

The Party of ‘No.’

In the U.S. Senate, of all the “no” votes that have ever been cast in opposition to a judicial nominee, in all of American history, over half have been cast in opposition to judicial candidates nominated by President Trump.

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For the Record

Someone has been nice to me. They uploaded to YouTube some old record albums. Remember the day when stereos with turntables went 33 and a third. The little strobe light to finely adjust the speed.
It is great to listen to some old classic and think on better days.

How often do listen to old albums? How do you do it? Do you have a turntable?


Did the U.S. Supreme Court Just Return Part of Oklahoma to the Indians?

Oklahoma Indian reservationsIn a Supreme Court decision handed down yesterday, 2020-07-09, McGirt v. Oklahoma [PDF], the court ruled 5–4 in an opinion written by Neil Gorsuch, joined by Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan, that an 1833 treaty between the United States and the Creek Nation granting the Indian nation a reservation “in perpetuity” remains in force.  Gorsuch wrote for the majority,

The federal government promised the Creek a reservation in perpetuity. Over time, Congress has diminished that reservation. It has sometimes restricted and other times expanded the Tribe’s authority. But Congress has never withdrawn the promised reservation.... [Read More]


Karlyn Read White Fragility, so you don’t have to

Karlyn read White Fragility and her reaction is pretty hilarious. What she points out in the book, pretty much confirms what I suspected about the author and folks like her. She’s a racist, and feels bad about it. Not bad enough to do anything about it, other than hoisting her own personal guilt onto everybody else. “See, I’m not a bad person, every white person is like me”. No, they aren’t honey.

The author is one of these chicks who lives an upper class WASPY lifestyle, which is basically an aristocracy. If anyone knows anything about aristocrats, it is that they fashion themselves to be superior the rest of society, especially people who have to “work”. You know, like actual jobs, not stupid pointless WASPY chick jobs, like social media manager, or influencer. What these WASPY chicks do when they feel bad about living this amazingly decadent lifestyle. They have to take on a cause (go watch the movie Clueless this explains what I’m talking about). Because they are so smart and amazing that they will use their influence to shape the world in their image. Right now the rich chick cause is “like, racism is tots bad lets stop it” but because these chicks don’t know or actually talk to normal people they want to stop it in their way and they have influence over their rich daddies, husbands, whoever… to get what they want. Anyway, Karlyn hasn’t connected those dots per se but she did the work so you don’t have to.... [Read More]


The Sword of St. Peter

Do you ever have a moment, reading, studying, where the sky seems to split?
Okay we all know that in Gethsemane, Peter  the fisherman drew a sword and   sliced off the ear of a centurion come to arrest  Jesus. And Jesus rebuked him and healed the centurion’s ear.
Why  did a fisherman have a sword?  What I’ve often read is that Peter  was an Essene, and members of that sect always carried swords. But then, Jesus did exhort his disciples, if they  had no swords, to sell their cloaks to buy one.  They say, Lord, here are two swords! and he says: that is enough.

I’m reading Bernard Cornwell’s novel ( thanks SOOO much @jzdro  for turning me on to him!) involving a quest to find this blade, fictitiously named La Malice.   Peter’s sword.... [Read More]


Thomas Sowell on Charter Schools

One day after his 90th birthday, Thomas Sowell joined Peter Robinson for a plague-era virtual episode of Uncommon Knowledge to discuss Dr Sowell’s just-published book, Charter Schools and Their Enemies.  Focusing on schools in New York City, the book explores in detail the success of charter schools, sometimes in the same buildings as public schools, and drawing the students from the same ethnic mix, have largely closed the academic achievement gap between minorities and white and Asian students, and why, despite this achievement, politicians are bent on restricting the growth of charter schools if not killing them entirely.


Quit Whining; It Only Feeds the Trolls

The Right are playing their assigned role in the iconoclasts’ drama: a Dionysian festival. The Left are gladdened by your tears; they derive their energy from the wailing and moans of the Right. As Zman explains,

There is no shortage of analysis trying to explain the insane behavior of mobs pulling down statues. All of it from outside the Progressive hive misses the point, because it projects reason and consciousness of thought onto the performers. What’s happening is these people are just that, performers. They are unconsciously playing a role, like participants in a pagan ceremony. They are doing so for their Progressive audience, who cheers and sobs after each statue is toppled.... [Read More]


When you don’t shoot back

The Houston Association of Realtors has ended “master bedroom” and “master bathroom” given slavery atrocities.  “Primary bedroom” and “primary bathroom” will be used.... [Read More]