Musings on a good day after a depressing night

I got very tired of the protest turned riot porn being fed by our “media” yesterday. We have become a nation that has been conditioned to react to bright shiny objects that are fed to us. The latest crisis of the day is a sterling example. In a nation of over 300 million, some very bad things happen to a fair number of people every hour of every day. We lose all perspective as one event is packaged, scripted and given immense airtime.

Nonetheless, today ended well in my mind. The rapid escalation of ‘riot events” , staged in cities with Democrat administrations who have a history of ‘let it burn rather than confront, as long it is in “their” neighborhood’ as well as collaboration with Antifa and such groups , the ready media response all proved that we were seeing a well orchestrated event. ... [Read More]


a long long time ago….

from a publication that is still being published and I give them the credit, “TIME”, but I doubt that this could be found anywhere else than libraries. I present it here as a reference what the cartoonist thought about the news media then in 1994 and it is so much more true today because they had twenty six years to hone their actions. Look at it and reflect…

(this may be bleeped…)

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I don’t think, that in a republic, people should live that way

Having woken up early this morning with a nightmare unrelated to the police, but related to feelings, I think I can say a big part of what makes me angry here is the sense of helplessness and powerlessness.

The government has the power to destroy my life, even kill me, or a member of my family. The government uses that power arbitrarily. If I defend myself, I might win in court, but my life will still be destroyed. I have no sense that the monster will only go after the wicked anymore. The police are its claws and teeth.... [Read More]


Public Health versus Individual Health

Over many years of intermittently reading various medical journals I began to notice that the arguments in favor of public health measures were often based solely on society-wide benefits. The effects are usually small on an individual basis and only matter when applied to a large population. As reported in the popular press, the recommendations are simplified to do this because it will make you live longer.

The arguments in the journals tend to go like this:... [Read More]



Overreaction doesn’t seem like it at the time. People react and get carried away by events. A small thing becomes a big thing. Lives, careers, and marriages are lost because people can’t step back and put things in perspective. There is a Japanese saying, “You win by losing”. This would be like the English saying “Winning the battle and losing the war”.

What I hate about the incident in Minnesota is how many innocent people have to suffer because of people who overreacted. Injustice relayed is justice waylaid.... [Read More]