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    • Welcome, Lizards.
      I am the owner of one of the most active groups here, and it might be a little confusing so I will explain. Happy Warriors began life at another membership group blog named Ricochet, where it still lives on as a refuge for supporters of President Trump.
      At Ratburger.org, Happy Warriors is both a place to celebrate conservative victories by President Trump and Team Trump, and also a place to vent about that other group blog. The venting is done by a small group of dual-passport members who prefer to vent here rather than where their remarks can be observed by the…[Read more]

  • Howdy folks! The quick rundown on Ratburger is that it’s hosted by John Walker, it’s mismanaged by 10 cents aka “dime”, it’s supposed to be family-friendly, use common sense, don’t be awful, and if you get yourself kicked out you get a complete refund.
    Welcome! Get out there, comment, post, etc. It’s your site now, too.