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This was the second post on   On 2017-12-23, I re-purposed it to be a sand box for testing things related to posting and commenting on posts.  By using an old post, I avoid having it pop to the top of the page.  I  also made it private so only logged-in users may see it.

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Test of superscript123. Test of 137subscript.

Link to Fourmilab.

After the raw block.

Green text in raw.

And some red text.

This is a blockquote with some italic text within it.

And now I will include a multi-paragraph block quote.

Well, first of all, I don’t believe I ever spoke out against it. I said this, it was just from—since I have never made a deep study of this thing, because what was the use—from my viewpoint, I said I thought on balance it was an unwise amendment. However, there were so many people whose fears are very real that somebody who would get a hold of the kind of military force we now have, get a hold of it and use it as an instrument of establishment of centralized or dictatorship form of government, I would think that—I could argue pretty well on either side of this one.

Now, let me point this out. Our whole history, from 1900—from the beginning, from 1787 until 1953, has been one of almost defenselessness in military forces. … Now, even after World War II, we found this same trend had started in, and it started, not as just a matter of congressional economy or of the executive’s economy, it’s what America felt. We hoped that the United Nations were going to solve our problems, so that this policy, this political policy that you ask about, I think has been sort of a concomitant with our military policy, because everybody knew there wasn’t enough military, really, to go into control of the country. Now, this is no longer true, and it might alter thinking. The answer to your last question is no.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Captioned image embedded in post.

Earth biomass
Earth biomass by different categories of species. (Main post)

I am adding some white space after the end of the post.

Try video embed.

Test of subscripts and superscripts in a post.

Superscript x12.

Subscript x34.

Another change.


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