You may have noticed a new item in the main menu at the top of the page: “Chat”.

This will take you to RatChat, Ratburger’s integrated chat system, implemented using CometChat.  When you click the link, you’ll be taken to a chat page already logged in to the “Ratburger” chat group, which is for general discussion among members of the site.  Other groups may be added for general topics or special events, but with the current paucity of members, it doesn’t make sense to further subdivide the number of people participating in chat.

There is a full-screen interface to chat, not currently linked on the site, which allows you to create groups or enter into one-to-one chat with on-line members.

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Author: Chef

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9 thoughts on “RatChat”

  1. I had trouble finding this. I see it now. To the right of the Ratburger picture there is a box with “MENU” in it. Clicking on that took me to “Chat”.

  2. Are you on a mobile device (for example, iPad or iPhone?).  If so, the main menu is collapsed into a “Menu” box which drops down into the menu selections.  In Desktop presentation, the main menu is displayed in full at the top of all pages on the site.

  3. The difficulty in finding people to whom to send friend requests is a commonly-reported shortcoming of BuddyPress (upon which site is based).  If you can manage to navigate to the user’s profile page, there’s a button to do it, but there are many times a user’s avatar or name appears which are not linked to their profile page.  Should we have a page where members can search for other members or list them all (respecting privacy)?  Administrators can do this (not respecting privacy), but with great power comes great responsibility, and our administrators respect this (or at least one of them does [pets white cat]).

    I think the best solution is to make everywhere an avatar or user name appears link to the user’s profile page, whence you can send a friend request.

    Disclaimer: I am basically clueless here, since I don’t really understand what “Friend” means in this context.  I have never used Facebook.


  4. I never found a value for “friending” anyone at Site R> except for one thing, which is, in order to send an invitation to join a group, you first have to be “friends.”

    I am on facebook in my real name and I have about five dozen facebook friends.   That is about all I want, because there are four or five of them who seem to work full time at filling up their facebook feed with internet flotsam.   It takes me a long time to scroll through all their trash in order to find the posts by the rest of my friends.

  5. I very explicitly declined all “friend” actions at site R> as its only purpose was to have a personal “wall” that others could post to.  I did not there nor do I here want to police such a thing.  (And I never had trouble joining groups w/o having friends.)

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