Steyn on Moore

I agree with much of what Steyn writes concerning the stupid party screwing up a slam dunk election by meddling to keep Mo Brooks out. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but I’m disturbed by the number of “Republicans” celebrating losing. If someone is always happy when their side loses or brags about donating to the other side to ensure a loss, they’re not really on the side they claim to be on.  Beyond that, they have enabled the media to get away with dropping unproven accusations at the last minute to smear a candidate as a pedophile or pervert with zero proof.  I find it naive to think that the Left will treat this as a one time event and won’t repeat this tactic next year. This put the Senate in play in 2018 barring some turn of events like the Mueller investigation imploding due to criminal behavior by its members.


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  1. It’s a difficult needle to thread.  Personally, I’m skeptical of anyone who isn’t willing to go to court. If they are interested in justice, they’ll be willing to subject their claims to scrutiny. Otherwise, they’re trying to reap the benefit of the accusation without taking responsibility for it. Failing that, I tend to disbelieve anyone without proof. He said-she said can never be definitively resolved, especially the longer it’s been since the alleged incident occurred. If the best you have is an accusation, that’s little more than gossip without evidence backing it up.


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