TOTD December 14, 2017: Japanese Bingo

[Ed. Thoughts of the day don’t have to be long. Short is okay.]

Back on the wall there is a poster with different color circles. Those colors correspond to different color marbles in the octagonal thing in the center of the table. If you get the right color, you win. BTW, no white privilege here since white is the loser color.  You spin that once around and one marble falls out. I had ten tickets so I could spin it 10 times. (10 is a good number for me.) I WON!!! TWO PRIZES!!! I got a Red Marble and a Yellow Marble. I also won some gift certificates.

The clear bag at the end of the table is one of my winnings. Rice Crackers. Yum! The other prize was from a ham company and had four sausage/ham related products inside.

I don’t know if bingo is the right word for this since I have not seen this type of thing in the States. Anyone seen this before?


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