TOTD: Thought of the Day Sign-up

Hello Ratburgers,

We are less than a week old and still need testing to get the bugs out. Please help us test the site and put up some content at the same time. Here is the plan.

Please put up one of the following:

  1. A photo with a brief description
  2. A quote
  3. A short anecdote
  4. A brief introduction of yourself

Pick a date to put the post up. (Starting from 12/14. I will pick the first one. Till we get more people taking more than one date is okay.)

12/14   10 Cents

12/15   Dave L

12/16   Pencilvania 

12/17   Happy2B

12/18   Phil Turmel 

12/19   drlorentz

12/20   Dime

12/21    Mike LaRoche






12/27   Phil Turmel 





Remember these are the steps to edit a post after you have published it.

  1. Go to the top of the page to the Speedometer Icon with the mouse and click on Dashboard.
  2. This gives a menu and click on Posts.
  3. On the post to edit put the mouse over it and you will see Revert to Draft.
  4. Click on Revert to Draft
  5. Click on the Post and that puts you in Edit mode so you can correct and then Publish.

19 thoughts on “TOTD: Thought of the Day Sign-up”

  1. Dime, I won’t be able to post for a few more hours because I got pulled into something.  It’s half drafted though…just need to put some finishing touches on it.  Sorry for the delay!


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  2. I forgot to write this.

    On your post please use this format.

    TOTD [date]: [Title]

    ALSO please check box in “Categories” “TOTD”. This is so people can click that category and see all the past TOTDs easily.

    Thank you.


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