Radical Transparency

Here is where I plan to take the Ratburger site in the near future.

Too many Web sites are based upon proprietary code or, even if they’re founded on 99% open source code, their developers foolishly keep the implementation of their sites secret.  Why?  Some believe in security through obscurity.  Others fear third parties critiquing their work.

That will not happen here.

My goal, in the near future, is to move the entire source code base of Ratburger.org to a Git repository which is exposed to the general public—not just members of the site.  Anybody will be able to clone this repository and spin up a replica of this site.  Why would they want to do that?  Well, they probably wouldn’t, because what makes this site work is not the code or its features but the extraordinary community of people who congregate here.

Why do this?  Because it opens the implementation of the site to scrutiny by all comers and, most importantly, invites anybody willing to contribute to develop and submit improvements to the site.  We’re depending upon the contributions of our members to make the site work in terms of posts and comments.  So why not the functionality of the site itself?  We’re humble about what we’ve built here, and unashamed about letting others look at it, copy it, clone it for their own projects, and contribute improvements to the user experience.

Let anybody who wishes make it better for all of us.


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Author: Chef

Founder of Ratburger.org, Autodesk, Inc., and Marinchip Systems. Author of The Hacker's Diet. Creator of www.fourmilab.ch.

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