TOTD 12/18: Forging Our Future

Progressives around the world are bound and determined to destroy the family as the core of society.  What they haven’t factored into their plans is that the future belongs to those who show up, and that means families.

The Next Generation

This photo from July includes my daughter-in-law, who was carrying my grandson at the time.  And recently arrived:


My most important job has arrived: spoiling my grandson (strategically, of course).


2 thoughts on “TOTD 12/18: Forging Our Future”

  1. What a beautiful bundle! Congratulations, GrandPop!

    Progressives’ attacks on the family is indeed very destructive; but you’re right, conservatives’ latent superpower is having children – it gives us the power to speak far into the future, where our anti-family enemies will have no voice.


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