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Would you like your posts to use drop caps as in  beautifully typeset documents of yore?  Yes you can, as long as you’re posting at!  To use a drop cap in your post (it’s available only for main posts on the site, not comments or messages and comments in groups, which are informal conversations), simply wrap [dropcap] and [/dropcap] shortcodes around the first word of the paragraph you wish rendered with a drop cap.

This is best if used sparingly.  Use a drop cap at the start of your post and after breaks between main sections of long posts.  They indicate to the reader they’re moving from one part of the text to another.

Are they optimally beautiful?  No…that would have required the Web to adopt \(\TeX\) as its markup language which, sadly, never happened.  The kerning of text around drop caps is less than ideal and sometimes bug ugly.  But it often does the job, and works typographically in long, formal documents.


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  1. I saw a capital D icon in the format toolbar in creating a post. (You see only if you select the Visual Tab) This puts in the [dropcap] [/dropcap] in for you. You just place the word you want in the middle.


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