G-d bless Her Christian Majesty, Defender of the Faith

G-d save the Queen.   I have a new Christmas tradition, for the past three years, which is listening to the Christmas broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and British Commonwealth of Nations.   She has stepped into the spiritual breach, and has been bringing the Good News to her subjects.  She begins with themes of home, and ends with the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Here is her message for this year.   It is well worth your nine minutes of time.




7 thoughts on “G-d bless Her Christian Majesty, Defender of the Faith”

  1. The Guardian writer seems to take special delight in referring to the Queen as the last Christian monarch, quoting an anonymous Vatican official no less. One has to wonder what the writer is hoping to succeed the Queen’s Christianity. Atheism? Islam? Unitarianism? For a country whose national anthem specifically mentions God, at least one of these alternatives seems to be ruled out. I suppose they could change it Someone Save the Queen.

    Given that one of the constituent countries has an official state religion (the Church of England) and that the monarch is the Church’s Supreme Governor, it seems likely that successor monarchs will not only continue to be Christian, but specifically Protestant Christians. [Did you catch that, anonymous Vatican official?]

    Aside from the rather unseemly triumphalist dancing on the anticipated grave of Christianity, the author of the Guardian piece and her Vatican friend seem to be profoundly ignorant of history. My hypothesis is that the Queen, like the rest of us, has gotten bolder as she’s gotten older. She’s less interested in kowtowing to the politically correct, instead saying whatever is on her mind. Look for this trend to continue.


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