Knowledge Base: Spoiler Warnings

When you’re writing a post, for example a book or movie review, and you don’t want to give away plot or ending spoilers to those who haven’t yet encountered the story, you can wrap the spoilers in the [spoiler] and [/spoiler] shortcodes.  These will cause the text they enclose to be hidden unless the user explicitly displays it by clicking on the title of the spoiler box.  You can specify any title you wish with the “title=” attribute in the [spoiler] shortcode.

For example, if you write in your post:

[spoiler title="Show plot spoilers"]
Darph Nader was Fluke’s father.

the post will appear as follows:

You can use the [spoiler] shortcode anywhere you wish to hide some text from readers, for example punch lines of jokes and answers to puzzles.

This only works in main posts and main post comments, not in group posts and comments.


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