The Old Dominion Goes Old School Election

The Virginia House of Delegates has been decided by drawing a name from a bowl.  Wildest election I’ve seen. Democrats flipped a number of seats pulling into a virtual tie with it sitting at 50-49 pending the outcome of district 94. Yancey (R) initially won by 10 votes. Simonds (D) won the recount by one vote. Yancey filed a legal motion to include a disputed vote which a three-judge panel agreed with making the race a tie. Under VA law, the winner was then decided by random, in this case drawing the names out of a bowl. Of course, now Democrats are being their normal hypocritical selves going from “every vote counts” when they thought they won to “that vote shouldn’t count” when it cost them the election.  It’s about as hypocritical as their crying about gerrymandering when they practiced it for decades when they ran the commonwealth (and still practice it where they’re in power in other states).


Author: The Sinistral Bassist

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4 thoughts on “The Old Dominion Goes Old School Election”

  1. Thank you, Doctor; this is wonderful to think about. Now can you help me fill in the visual details? Did they wear knee breeches and use a crystal or silver bowl? Or did they wear long skinny trousers and frock coats and use a brass spittoon?

  2. Normal business attire, but they had some ornate pottery bowl with the names written on paper and individually sealed inside camera film canisters. We dodged a bullet on this one because the VA GOP was caught completely asleep after getting complacent with a 66-34 majority coming in. They have to do a much better job getting out the vote next time because it’s already an uphill battle with Dems trying to replace the electorate with federal government transplants, illegal aliens, felons, and non-resident college students.


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