Giving is so much fun!

Most Fridays, I take myself out for lunch from work.  My favorite place to go is the local Panda Express.  I have their menu pretty much memorized, and I decide on the way there what I want.  I go through the drive-through line, get my lunch, and take it back to work to eat at my desk (so I can surf the web and read Ricochet).  Over the break between Christmas and New Years, I thought about the young lady who normally serves the drive-through window.  I have gotten to recognize her, and she is unfailingly friendly.  So last Friday, I took one of the cute Christmas cards I bought for my work friends, enclosed a $5 bill inside, and sealed the envelope and marked it for “The Young Lady at the Panda Drive-Through Window”.

When I drove through, I gave her my money and the envelope.  She was surprised and pleased, and she thanked me when she brought my change and my lunch.  I just grinned all the way back to work in the car.  Giving, even a small thing, is so much fun when the recipient totally does not expect it.  I think we both made each others’ day.


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