Media v. Evangelicals

I have been reading a rash of stories about disarray and infighting among Evangelicals. These stories are mostly written by journalists who are not Evangelical, and who can generally be considered hostile to traditionalist religion. They focus on disagreement over President Trump, and then fail as they try to relate a position regarding President Trump to issues in the church.

Remember how the NeverTrumps preached at us? During the 2016 campaign, they said that support for Donald Trump amounted to “sacrificing conservative values.” But as they realized that their erstwhile followers were not dissuaded from Trump’s candidacy, they went further. They began to tell us that it would be “immoral” to vote for Trump. There were some who said that a vote for Trump was “unChristian.”

Anti-Trump sentiment dominates Leftist mass media. They keep recycling the anti-Trump remarks of the Nevers, who for the past 1-1/2 years have been getting greater distribution than ever before, even while their readership has declined. Leftist journalists also like quoting Christian pastors who criticize President Trump. These journalists are typically so unacquainted with religion that they assume that all Christians must be Conservatives. I saw a number of year-end editorials that cited divisions within Evangelical Christianity that quoted the most politically liberal Christians and mistook them for political conservatives because they had Christian credentials.

Journalists seem unable to understand that there is a difference between political right and left and theological right and left.

This editorial is typical. It is featured in the Google News spotlight today. It is by Rachel Zoll of Associated Press. It gets circulated as if it were a news article, but it is an editorial.

Ms. Zoll quoted four politically conservative Christians who offered weak criticism of President Trump, mixed with lukewarm brushoffs that the “shithole” remark was unfortunate but not inaccurate. Then she pivots with this:

“Yet anger spread among other conservative Christians.”

Following which, she quoted two moderates and two liberals. The only thing that would make these four men qualify as “conservative Christians” is that they all believe that the Resurrection actually happened. Otherwise, nobody would call these guys “conservatives” in either the theological sense or the political sense.

What is actually going on is that journalists get praise from other journalists whenever they can wedge liberal Evangelicals away from conservative Evangelicals. This has been going on for a long time. They think that they can boost the Leftists in the Evangelical churches same way that media boosted the Leftists in the old mainline churches, until they destroyed them.

This battle is part of a fight that has its roots in the Enlightenment. It is a continuation of the ongoing fight of the Left against the authority of G-d, by tearing down the churches.


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  1. Here is a link to my favorite media critics.  They also noticed that this has been a media trend, but since they are sort of liberals themselves, they seemed not to notice that a lot of these articles quote liberal Evangelicals as if they were representative of all Evangelicals.  (I think the whole team at is pro-life Democrats, so they are theologically conservative and politically liberal.)



  2. What some people don’t get is Trump is honest with who he is. No one is taken by surprise. He is imperfect and everyone knows this. Bill Clinton on the other hand could “talk the talk” and was more deceptive. Deception gets Evangelicals more angry than imperfection.


  3. Few Evangelicals are fooled into thinking of Trump as one of them.  It is enough for us that Trump celebrates traditionally American virtues.  President Trump is a flawed champion, but he is our champion nevertheless, and he is doing a remarkable job; much better than most of us had hoped for.

  4. Bill Clinton on the other hand could “talk the talk” and was more deceptive.

    Understatement indeed! Much of the wrath Trump incurs is simply because he is unapologetic for many of his so-called “flaws:” bluntness, a direct and  sometimes non-diplomatic approach to problem solving, extreme intolerance for lack of results.

    I can no longer listen to one more pol harp on the “shithole countries” remark. That was made at a high level meeting and did not need to be repeated to the public. I am quite sure worse things have been said by the likes of JFK, RFK, LBJ, Nixon, and the privately temperamental and explosive Bill Clinton.

    I do regret that Trump gave his enemies yet another excuse – ridiculous, yet not without legs in the onerous media cycle- to defy his agenda.

  5. They don’t need excuses.

    Their hypocrisy is clear.

    And while the Leftists and the Nevers chatter for three days about one bad word, President Trump is getting things done.

    Go, Trump, go !

  6. I have some additional thoughts on the strong Evangelical support that Trump enjoys because it is not unsimilar to the support he enjoys from seculars.

    Trump is focusing on truly presidential issues: national security, the building and maintenance of our military, trade deals that are harmful to our economy and corporate tax rates that literally destroy our ability to compete globally.

    This is called “looking at the big picture” and allows state and local governments to do their jobs. Clinton’s biggest achievement was to enforce requirement of school uniforms and Obama’s was to hound the Little Sisters of the Poor. I do think these were attempts to impose their personal philosophies and fluff their resumes with the base, but most importantly, reflected their cowardice and lack of cojones to take on the big issues.

    And that is what I can never forgive.


  7. The media also is quick to label people Christians who are anything but. Much of what passes for the Christian Left is really Marxist heresy and not Christian at all. Their God is government or social justice.

  8. Good point, Minky. It is like Chelsea/Bradley Manning being the poster girl/boy for the US Army at times. They are more activist than adherents of traditional creeds.


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