WordPress Update Installed

I have just installed the WordPress update to version 4.9.2.  This update contains security, bug fixes, and support for a new audio format.  There should be no user-visible changes.

WordPress is, along with BuddyPress, the software foundation upon which Ratburger.org is built.  Ratburger has a number of features which require changes in the WordPress core code, so I have integrated these changes into the new release.  It’s always possible, of course, that I may have fat-fingered something, so if you notice anything which seems amiss (the update was installed at 22:20 UTC on 2018-01-17), please note in a comment or in the Bug Reports group.  I will leave this post at the top of the main page for around twelve hours.

If you notice something funny, please try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.  This update includes some JavaScript files which your browser will probably store locally, and if they conflict with changes in the core code, may produce odd results.  The Web is designed so flushing the cache shouldn’t be necessary, but shoddy browser implementations don’t follow the rules, so it’s often necessary.


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