TOTD 2018/1/30: About Five Minutes of Time

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I was surprised at first to hear Jordan Peterson’s voice being weepy. I understood why in less than a minute.

The radio personality said that the leading cause of death for young men is suicide. What a waste!

What did you think on the two ways Jordan Peterson defined Feminism?



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  1. His first definition of feminism is difficult for me to disagree with, however, I live in the USA and women can pretty much do whatever they want.  And yet, I don’t like the word.  Is there a real need for it in any positive sense?    When I can come up with a word that is the opposite of feminism then I perhaps will think it actually has “meaning”.

    Regards the second definition, well, I wish he would just call out evil as evil and not quibble.  I personally cannot believe that Anyone is so dis-eased to actually believe or peddle that nonsense, and yet at a website not so far from here, there are females that are and do so while they kill their own babies and encourage others to do the same.   Thus, on my curmudgeon days, I just hope they are a soon to be extinct mal-form.  It is difficult for me to think of them as female.  (Are we permitted to use verbs as nouns here?  Hope so.).

  2. I think he is getting at the distinctions between “First Wave Feminism,” “Second Wave Feminism,” and “Third Wave Feminism.   I completely agree that First Wave Feminism was a needed corrective to western society, and to any society.  It has been entirely accomplished in the West, while there remains a lot to do to bring those simple reforms to other cultures.

    Second Wave Feminism began in the 1950s, and had its initial energy in the push for the Equal Rights Amendment, with its core period fueled by energy from the bra-burners.  It pushed feminism towards the left in order to harness the support of women at a time when the goals of First Wave Feminism were being completed.  By the end of the 1990s that burst of leftward energy gave rise to Third Wave Feminism, which is simply Leftism using the vocabulary of feminism and gender politics to press forward on Leftist policies.  It is destructive of the family in ways that are consistent with the historic goals of the Left, which is to destroy all the institutions that support western civilization.

  3. TempTime,

    I always think of men when the topic of abortion comes up. There are a lot of men that what the “mistake” to go away. They leave the woman in a poor situation and a birth doesn’t seem to be an option.




  4. Yes, I agree with you Dime; I think I even know one or two.  I did not intend to give the impression that the child-to-be father’s are without guilt.  However, as the woman was given the gift to carry and bring forth life, she has a greater burden, it is not as if women are ignorant of how children are begat or how to take measures to avoid pregnancy.  I went to a private girls school and every school year a group of “mothers” would come to the school to give the graduating class lessons and stories regards success and the “surprises” of the rhythm method of birth control, and there was of course “the pill”, and as a last resort there is always management of one’s personal conduct.   If all fails and one finds oneself carrying the gift of human life, well, it is time to grow up and take responsibility.

    But I guess this is a bit off the topic of feminism.  Sorry.  I just find the dishonesty of feminism and its disconnect from reality/the truth to be so disconcerting.  I tend to reduce my thoughts on feminism to entirely focusing  on their insistence that the invalidation of human life is an acceptable position.

  5. Why are the people who are into female empowerment, are the same people who tell girls they are too young to have a baby? Isn’t this demeaning and sexist?


  6. I thought MJBubba wrote an excellent analysis of the three stages of feminism, particularly the first and the third. Part of the second was important only in that it changed some social perceptions. I saw this happen particularly with my own father and some of his contemporaries. I distinctly recall a conversation my dad was having with his closest friend because that man’s son had just been thrown out of summer camp for refusing to take direction from a female counselor; the two dads were horrified!

    Years later, I attended a book signing party for Gloria Steinem in NYC and had to laugh that all we young “feminists” at the event were oohing and aahing at her clothes, her hair, her shades (even cooler than MLRs). We admired a feminist who actually liked to date a lot of hot men and looked great in a mini-skirt. (And in her defense, she received an enormous amount of heat for that from her so-called “sisters.”) After that, the movement morphed quickly into the third phase and lost me but it was fun while it lasted!

  7. 10 Cents:
    Why are the people who are into female empowerment, are the same people who tell girls they are too young to have a baby? Isn’t this demeaning and sexist?

    I think not. Having a baby is a huge commitment not only to the child involved but to society as a whole. There are certain requirements necessary to bring a life into this world successfully and it involves a lot of time and money.

    Bottom line: Having a child is not a right; it is a responsibility. This is where young, emotionally and financially unequipped mothers and fathers seem to get it wrong.


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