On Main street, that great street, I just want to say, They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Another report from the deplorable economy.

I saw an excavator dig out of Chapter 11 with a half million dollar contract…... [Read More]


Needed: An Alternative Economic and Financial Universe – Choice

Virtue signaling and censorship by large business and financial enterprises have become difficult to ignore. Companies like Dick’s – announced the it will no longer sell “assault rifles” by which it apparently means all semi-automatic long guns – go out their way to take flaccid political stances with which I strongly disagree. By virtue of being their continued customers, they would have us add to not just their bottom line, which is fine, but they would also force us to accede to their having injected politics into our relationship; they do so in an “in your face” manner, to boot.

Censorship by outfits like Google (I use it as little as possible) and Twitter (never have, never will) is especially disturbing. I was an early adopter of Amazon, but have developed reservations in that I do not like financially supporting the power of Bezos in furthering his well-financed progressive agenda. Similarly with Apple and numerous financial institutions like Bank of America, who do their progressive thing in many ways, at every opportunity. Also, “in your face.”... [Read More]


Mnuchin holds steady under fire

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin gave a guest lecture to a forum at UCLA, following which he was interviewed before the crowd by Kai Ryssdal of NPR.   The whole thing is worth listening to, but here is a part that I thought was a good showing by Mnuchin:

Ryssdal: OK. The catch of course is, and as you know, you did have two quarters of 3 percent economic growth this past year, but year-over-year growth in the American economy was 2.3 percent. So you’re still far away from the target, right?... [Read More]



I can’t wait, and apparently my Full Moon Japanese Maple can’t wait either.  This bud popped out on the 25th!  Focus is off, but it’s there in the foreground.  My fish are looking at me, too, working up to the “feed me daddio!” stare.  They aren’t moving much, so I could do a headcount; all accounted for at 24.   Few more degrees before they get kibbles again, as the water is only 43.3F and needs to be about 49.  The earth here is about 55F, so once the cold winds stop, the water warms fairly quickly.

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New Leftist attack on the NRA

Brought to us via a George Soros project, of course.   The newspaper that soiled my driveway this morning held a gloating article from the USA Today Network about all sorts of big companies severing ties (loose ones at that) with the NRA.   I had heard NPR gloating over it on Friday:

As a groundswell grows against the National Rifle Association in the aftermath of last week’s school massacre in Parkland, Fla., several businesses say they are ending their partnerships with the gun advocacy group.... [Read More]


Is Mona Charen a Classical Hypocrite?

People like to throw out the H word and call people hypocrites. We often think a person who does not live up to standards is a hypocrite. It is true that a double like is key to good hypocrisy but it takes more than that. It actually takes preaching a moral code and not living up to it. The person who is caught up in a in the very thing they have attacked others is doing hypocrisy right.

I used classical in the title of this post. As far as I know we get the modern usage of hypocrite from Christianity. The terms original meaning was an actor who used a mask in Greek plays. The thought is a person that does not show their true character and acts a part. The people who were accused of hypocrisy were “wonderful actors” with “wonderful lives”. They certainly did not have the appearance of evil but of good. In fact they were the first to denounce evil. ... [Read More]