9 thoughts on “White Women Can’t Jump”

  1. I write this for I found it interesting that the only women who have done the triple axel in competition are Japanese. Why is that? Why haven’t other nationalities done this?

  2. drlorentz:

    10 Cents:
    there was Tonya Harding but that shouldn’t count.

    She always struck me as a tragic figure (skater). Has anyone seen the movie?

    Red saw it. She reviewed it.

    I blame Oregon. Anyone who lives in Oregon is crazy. I could name names but I don’t want my legs broken.

    BTW, I saw what you did there.

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  3. 10 Cents:

    Riverdance on Ice – Figure Skating Championships 2014 – YouTube
    This gentleman didn’t make the 2018 Olympics because he doesn’t do four quads per performance as does Nathan Chen. What a loss for the pure beauty of skating; guess it’s all about the tech now.

    You men always have to make it about you. 😉

    Sure talk about quads on a triple post. That has to be a trigger.

    Sorry about that Dime, but you triggered a complaint I’ve had for years about Olympic skating on both sides of the gender aisle!  I’m beginning to regard the sport as ‘gymnastics’ on ice and not how it once was- ‘ballet’ on ice.

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