Kurt, The Hammer, Schlichter

Kurt is always a smart and fun read, but today he was coffee-spitting fabulous!  Here’s three quotes and a link to the whole thing.  It’s ironic to have this much fun over such a sad and Satanic episode involving our betters, I know.

(This is a welcome side show to the unraveling of ObamaGate; Rice, Priestap, et. al.)

“Just think of it! The ability to simply make all those Normals who disagree with you go away – either for good or by exiling them to rural fun camps. No fuss, no muss, no more tiresome dissent by those banjo-jockies between the coasts!”

“This stuff about Trump and the Russians, the same Russians who couldn’t sit down during the Cold War without checking to make sure they weren’t going to crush a Democrat’s head, was always a joke.”

“Thank our Creator that we live in America, and that our Founders thought, `You know, there’s a chance that really evil and/or stupid people could take over sometime, so let’s figure out a way to make sure that the Normals can fight back. In fact, let’s give it its very own amendment.'”


MAGA, and all that jazz!

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6 thoughts on “Kurt, The Hammer, Schlichter”

  1. Thanks for the link. I also agree with this:

    why does the entire millennial generation strive to sound like the sassy black gay best friend of Kate Hudson in every rom-com ever made?”
    When I was coming up, “Valley girl talk” was the rage, but aside from 3 girls in high school, I never heard it outside of TV shows. That was bad enough.

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  2. TheFederalist.com has been all over this same story for a couple of days.





    Under Mollie’s leadership, they keep dishing out great lines and links to use to help crush the lamestream media.  I especially like the way they show that journalists betray their leftist leanings by failing to adhere to the standards of journalism.   They are attacking the tattered remains of mass media credibility.   H0pefully the media will not be able to sway future elections.  They failed in 2016; may they never succeed again.

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