He Rocked It!

Images for shaun white winning gold in 2018

Short blurb here on my favorite Winter Olympics sport- snowboarding.

White at age 31 (Geritol user compared to his competitors) really pulled it off after his disaster in Sochi in 2014.

I really admire that young man; he is positively fearless and the hardest working maniacal risk-taker out there. He represents the very best of the U.S.A.

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4 thoughts on “He Rocked It!”

  1. Phil Turmel:

    He represents the very best of the U.S.A.

    Until he drags our flag on the ground.  I’m seriously disappointed. /-:

    I don’t disagree at all and I was screaming at the TV screen “Don’t do that!” but I’m going to give him a pass anyway. I think he was in a zone that I, as a non-athlete, wouldn’t understand.

    No excuses, mind you, but I am choosing to focus on a magnificent effort. /-:

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  2. Phil Turmel:
    Ah, he apologized.  I’ll accept that.

    Me too. He wasn’t competing in pairs skating; he was engaging in one of the most dangerous sports in the world and trying to recapture his 2010 title. I think it would be fair to say he might have been slightly distracted despite all his experience.

    Interesting, because as a former resident of “Skate USA” (CA), I know all those competitors claim it is so uncool to compete for medals. Shaun isn’t one of those; he cares a great deal. You gotta love that competitive spirit.

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