TOTD 2018-02-15: Sports, Improved

“There is almost no game which cannot be improved by replacing the ball with a cat.”

— John Walker, April 7th, 1991



Author: John Walker

Founder of, Autodesk, Inc., and Marinchip Systems. Author of The Hacker's Diet. Creator of

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  1. Hearing that the Birds in an aviary were ill, a Cat went to them and said that he was a physician, and would cure them if they would let him in.

    “To what school of medicine do you belong?” asked the Birds.

    “I am a Miaulopathist,” said the Cat.

    “Did you ever practise Gohomoeopathy?” the Birds inquired, winking faintly.

    The Cat took the hint and his leave.

    Ambrose Bierce – Fantastic Fables


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