Too Hot for YouTube

Pat Condell’s most recent video, “A Word to the Google Feminists”, was removed by YouTube two hours after it was posted.  It has since been re-posted on LiveLeak, BitChute, and PewTube.  None of these sites supports embedding video (or if they do, they’ve made it sufficiently obscure that I can’t find the links), but you can view the video by clicking the links above.


Author: John Walker

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7 thoughts on “Too Hot for YouTube”

  1. If Google and Youtube leaders were smart, they will re-post above video ASAP.

    Google and Youtube are risking losing the Trust of Conservatives Permanently which surely would result in steep economic consequences.

    Many thanks to John Walker for posting three (3) alternatives to Google’s Youtube.

  2. Good for Poland! And good for Pat Condell. Shame on the #MeToo movement caring for actressses and models more than the  normal women of Europe.


  3. I’m going to throw this glow stick into the fire because the plastic melts, the liquids runs out and may quench some or all of the fire. Of course, some of the liquid may vaporize, too.

    I’d love to take pride of authorship for this analogy, but admit I read it on Amazon. In other words, we should disempower the foolish, directionless feminists by blatantly ignoring their nonsense.

    Let’s stop. I am a middle-aged successful babe with a hot husband and I just don’t want to listen to this cr** anymore. One makes what they want of their lives.

    I am not an anomaly. Let’s start talking about the progress all of us have made in the past two decades and celebrate our lives.

    Dime, I dare you to designate a TOTD monthly series based upon this “radical” concept.

  4. The Youtube video is up today, too! If conservatives had the courage to speak up once in a while, people of the world would be much safer, freer, and more prosperous!


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