The War of the Scourges

Sometimes you step back and look at the war instead of the battlefield.

In the 60s there was a very funny movie with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis called “Operation Petticoat” . It involved the misadventures of a USN submarine crew in the early days of WW2 in the Pacific.

It had a line I have never forgotten, offered by the Tony Curtis character, who played a con man/grifter adept at scrounging needed supplies. “In Chaos, there is Profit”. I have used it as solid tactical wisdom to advantage on a number of occasions.

The Progressive Cabal of Globalists, Socialists and Thieves has successfully managed to maintain three bleeding areas of societal chaos and use them to their advantage up until now.

1. The Scourge of Woefully Poor Border Security and Immigration Controls
2. The Scourge of White Racism (but not any other color)
3. The Scourge of Violence attributed to Access to Guns

The fourth line of attack is the Scourge of ‘climate change’ mantra, which is purely virtual in actuality but is targeted at the mass of the population to product acceptance that they will live an existence of substantially reduced prosperity. It does not have the power of the other three yet.

These three ongoing issues have been used to consistently reduce liberty in the forms of speech control, property control, ability to provide self defense and the freedom to conduct business.

Any attempt to actually reduce or solve these issues is met by fierce resistance since the strength of the Cabal is sourced directly from the chaos generated by these things.

For the first time, there is a counter force in the persona of the President, who refuses to accept that these are perpetual conditions.

There is the potential to break the back of these issues once and for all, and the Cabal is fighting for all they are worth.

It is the war the Never-Rights could not see. It is the war the media is waging. It is the war the Globalist Elites need to survive. It is the war for the freedom of our grandchildren.


Author: TKC 1101

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4 thoughts on “The War of the Scourges”

  1. Climate “Scientists” — by corrupting the word science itself, many Climate “scientists” are the biggest phonies of the century. However, by embedding this climate “science” in public policy (windmills and solar panel “rebates” (used to be called government subsidies) and in public schools (used to be called fraud) it will take far more than two terms of Trump to reverse in the USA. Hiring real scientists to departments such as New York Education Department shall remedy this situation long term but what government organization has reformed itself? If done by an outside force such as a lobby, who will fund the Real Science Lobbyists which is the way laws are made in Albany, New York? Who will initiate at professional and personal cost a Real Science Lobby? Without individual and organized effort, the future of New York State appears grim.

  2. TKC 1101:
    The three scourges are the festering seed beds of crisis. They are the crisis farm, so to speak.

    All growing beds need fertilizer, and Trump’s near decimation of the leftist global media is removing that, to our amazement.  Let him tweet on and just enjoy the show.  Liddle Adam Schiff is exposed as a partisan nincompoop with zero credibility.

    For example, look how quickly the “narrative” has been destroyed w/r/t the FL carnage.  Sheriff Israel is on the ropes already, and he’s no Mohammed Ali.  Sundance is fast becoming an American hero, just after Nunes, of course.


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