3 thoughts on “Dana wins …”

  1. I have about a hundred thoughts about about “Dana Wins”.  George is one the slipperiest, greasiest, dishonest purveyors of misinformation and is a spawn of Satan.  Dana deftly and completely deflated his crappy talking points.  She’s high on my hero list now, along with Nunes, Sundance, Sara Carter and many others.

    Life members of the NRA, like me for instance, are very happy she’s in LaPierre’s tool kit.

  2. Thanks for the link via R>; that saved me from having to go to ABC News to see it.

    Ms. Loesch was very effective within the confines of the brief interview, and had a ready and vigorous reply to every one of Mr. Stephanopolos’s points.   Well done.

    Of course, the parts of his show that get re-broadcast by ABC will strongly oppose the Second Amendment, and this segment will only get passed along by conservatives on social media to a limited extent.


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