TOTD 2018-2-24: What would you do?

We all know now that the police waited outside when they could have gone into saved children in the Parkland incident. We have the benefit of hindsight but what would you have done in that situation.  What will you do in the future?

I have heard from others that after Columbine that the standard practice is to go in quickly and fire at least some shots in the right direction. This throws the perpetrators in confusion. This sounds like a good strategy but are you able to put yourself in a situation where you have a high chance of being dead? Is it better to wait knowing other lives will surely be lost? Isn’t a SWAT team called for?... [Read More]


Recap on the War In Progress

Another week, and once more the Progressives sprang a well oiled rapid response trap with CNN, Soros funds and elements of the Women’s March, with parts of the FBI all setting up the aftermath of a tragic school shooting as a major offensive against the Populist Usurper.

We saw rehearsed children, a local Democrat political Sheriff and the CNN crew jump into action to attack the GOP, the NRA and anyone to the right of Lindsey Graham.... [Read More]


Assault rifles age limit helps Christmas shoppers

I saw a bunch of articles in the past few days that mentioned one initiative proposed to help forestall future mass shootings by mentally troubled youths.  The proposal is to raise the age limit required for a youngster to attain before he is allowed to purchase an “assault rifle” on his own.

In their rush to press forward any and all limitations on guns, eager beaver journalists rushed to state capitols all around to get soundbite quotes from politicians.  In red states they tried to buttonhole Republicans, looking for quotes that could be used during electioneering later this year.   In my state, they raced around the Tennessee capitol and got a number of GOP officials to opine on some proposals that they might be willing to consider or at least permit debate on.  I was amused, sort of, by some of the Surrender Caucus saying their usual weaselly things.... [Read More]


Direct Democracy: Eliminating Public Broadcasting in Switzerland

No Billag: Eliminate Public Broadcasting in SwitzerlandEver since its inception, radio and television broadcasting in Switzerland has been supported by a tax on receivers, paid by every household, regardless of whether they actually watch or listen to the broadcasts and how much they consume.  Over time, the funds collected through this fee, now billed through a semi-private company called Billag AG, have been used to subsidise private broadcasters, at the discretion of the federal authorities.  These fees are substantial: the household fee for television and radio reception is currently CHF 451.10 (US$ 481.87 at today’s exchange rate).

In an environment where there are myriad sources of entertainment, none supported by these tax revenues, this has generated a push-back.  Since Swiss radio and television consists largely of content from broadcasts from other countries a year or more after it is available on popular streaming services and local public affairs programming with a hard collectivist tilt from the studios in Zürich and Geneva, more and more people are asking, “Why am I paying more for this stuff that I never watch or listen to than a fancy flat-screen TV costs these days?”.... [Read More]


2001: A Space Odyssey

My film group repeated our experiment of using the Club Room in Charles West to see a film this Monday. Many thanks to Susan and Chris for lending us their copy of the classic film we viewed. Everyone enjoyed it, including the son and grandchildren of one of our members. It was an experience we all appreciated. The wine and chips increased our enjoyment.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) was produced, directed and written by Stanley Kubrick. It was partially based on a short story, “The Sentinel”, by Arthur C. Clarke, the proflific and well-known science fiction writer. Clarke helped in the writing of the film, and concurrently wrote the novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was published shortly after the film was released. Today, this film is considered by many one of the greatest and most influencial films ever made.... [Read More]


Parkland: Yet another typical failure by the feeble American regime.

It seems to me that a necessary prerequisite for any government that intends to survive is that it must defend its territory and its citizens from violent aggression. Failure to do so will eventually lead that citizenry to abandon it and seek survival elsewhere. In that context I think the present American regime cannot and will not survive, although I decline to predict the exact method of its demise.

  1. Parkland. This obviously was a failure of astonishing dimensions, on a local scale. The authorities were warned, repeatedly, and failed to act.
  2. MS-13. This is another astonishing failure, on a national scale. That a violent Central American gang has managed to establish itself inside the United States is- well, astonishing.
  3. North Korea. That this starving Cold War relic is now a nuclear power threatening the survival of the United States is yet another astonishing failure, on an international scale.

The common thread in all these examples is that the present regime failed to defend the American people from threats despite knowing all about them.... [Read More]



What is interesting to me is that the foster parents ( the husband a retired military intelligence analyst) bring this kid into their home and foster him with no concern about the fact that an 18 yr old with a record of severely dysfunctional behavior, who was expelled from school for violent behavior and previously diagnosed a year earlier with autism and severe depression is allowed to own 10 guns, 5 knives, and 2 BB guns.

It gets better: The highly decorated retired military vet (foster father) told Cruz to go buy a lock bank for his weapons and insisted he give him the key. Really? Who allows a kid to buy something like this without supervising the ownership of the key in the first place?... [Read More]


Too hot for CPAC

CPAC Nevers have censored a scheduled panel on free speech.

Pamela Geller worked for months on a panel discussion.  At the last minute, CPAC told her that the founder of Gateway Pundit would be banned because he “supports Nazis.”   Geller said she would not cancel anyone from speaking at a panel discussion on free speech.... [Read More]


Too Hot for YouTube

Pat Condell’s most recent video, “A Word to the Google Feminists”, was removed by YouTube two hours after it was posted.  It has since been re-posted on LiveLeak, BitChute, and PewTube.  None of these sites supports embedding video (or if they do, they’ve made it sufficiently obscure that I can’t find the links), but you can view the video by clicking the links above.


TOTD 2018-2-21: The Best Run Business You Have Seen

I marvel at good systems. Some companies know how to deliver the goods and services. There are many businesses to choose from but I will choose Safeway of my youth. A grocery store is an amazing place. In a short time you can buy a variety of meat, produce, dairy, frozen goods, and dry food. You get a cart, bags, and a relatively fast checkout. A supermarket evolve from a small  stores.

A well run business has robust systems that handle the unexpected without breaking. Safeway kept the unit costs down. It treated the customers well. It thought ahead and the season goods on the shelf.  It is ran so well it was taken for granted. It just worked and the “dogs didn’t bark”.... [Read More]