On Registering to Ratburger.org

Some people have not been getting their registration e-mails. If you are one of these please send me a line at 10cents@ratburger.org. The problems are usually one of the following.

1. The e-mail gets put into a Spam folder.
2. The e-mail is filtered from the service.
3. Older services like Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail have trouble receiving for some reason.


5 thoughts on “On Registering to Ratburger.org”

  1. More seriously, the registration confirmation E-mails are an ongoing irritation, but there is no real alternative other than things which would be even more burdensome.

    Operating a WordPress site, even one as obscure and with as little traffic as this one, attracts the humanoid, reptilian, and robot denizens of the Internet slum like nothing else.  Our registration spam plug-in has blocked a total of 71,624 spammer registrations to this date, every one of which would have signed up as a user and polluted the site with the most execrable kinds of junk.  Operating a site like this reminds me of the mass bug attack in the (awful) Starship Troopers movie.  Requiring the registration to be confirmed by E-mail blocks a large majority of the ones that make it past the spam blocker, since most of the spammers are automated bots which do not have a valid E-mail address or, if they have one, it has already been flagged and included in the spam filter block lists.

    The problem legitimate users have registering is that the confirmation E-mails consist of a short message with a long, complicated link.  This property is shared with much traditional spam, and naïve spam filters such as used by some of the older Web mail services may block it or throw it in a spam folder.  (In fact, actual spammers rarely send such messages today since they’ve learned they’ll be filtered.)  Ratburger.org sends its E-mail (registration confirmation, password resets, and notifications for posts to which you’ve subscribed) via the Gmail SMTP server via a G Suite business account, which is considered the gold standard for E-mail origination points.

    In short, people’s problems registering is an ongoing frustration, but I don’t see anything which can be done to improve it which wouldn’t be even more difficult for users or time-consuming for administrators.  This is a problem shared by every WordPress site which requires user registration, and I haven’t seen any who have implemented a better solution.

  2. John Walker:
    I haven’t seen any who have implemented a better solution.

    We greatly appreciate your vigilance.   You are an excellent host for this group, and have devoted way more time than I had expected from you.  John Walker, your Ratburger.org is exceeding expectations and serving a grateful internet community.

    Many thanks.


  3. Haakon’s comment was meant as a joke and I responded in kind. He has a great sense of humor.

    I put up this post to help some pending Members communicate if they had a problem. Two of them did and I was able to handle their registration problems. One of them was the new member Mac Allen.

    As John has written above the site got inundated by spammers and John put in a stronger filter. I think one had an e-mail with a porn site domain. I jokingly asked, “But is it a conservative porn site, John?” Luckily all the garbage does not get in and the site runs smoothly.



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