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Book Review

An action-packed adventure following the previous novel


Mar 27, 2018

“Sins of Her Father,” by Mike Kupari, Baen Books, 2018, 352 pages, $16

Capt. Catherine Blackwood is back. The captain was the central character in Mike Kupari’s space adventure “Her Brother’s Keeper.”

“Sins of Her Father,” by Mike Kupari, brings Blackwood and her privateer spaceship into a new science fiction story.

Ithaca, a colony world, has been beset by inept revolutionaries for nearly a generation. After overthrowing the previous monarchy they have run the planet with staggering incompetence.

In desperation, they are turning to the Orlov Combine for assistance. The Orlov Combine is what you would get if you multiplied Soviet Russia by Nazi Germany. It treats its people like cattle, but it has promised, pinkie swear, it will respect Ithaca’s internal sovereignty if Ithaca joins.

When the Ithacan revolution started, Zander Kycek was its leader. He won the war through an act so brutal he was forced into exile. He left his daughter behind. She is now part of a group seeking to stop Ithaca from joining the Orlov Combine — launching a second revolution to overthrow the current government. She wants her father to return and help lead the fight.

Kycek is willing to return, but he is on Heinlein, a planet far distant from Ithaca. If he takes a passenger spaceship Ithaca’s government would kill him. They tried to kill him while he is on Heinlein. He needs a warship.

Catherine Blackwood and her ship, Andromeda, are on Heinlein, having finished expensive repairs and adding new crew to replace the casualties from her previous engagement. Providing armed passenger service is not work she normally does, but work is scarce and she needs employment. She agrees to take Kycek to Ithaca.

Blackwood and Andromeda have their own history with the Orlov Combine. It wants Blackwood and Andromeda destroyed. It also wants Kycek dead. Blackwood’s mission evolves as a result. Plus, Ithaca is not inhabited only by humans. It has sentient natives, who are willing to fight the existing government alongside the human anti-Orlev faction.

“Sins of Her Father” offers a fast paced and exciting story. Kupari weaves together a complex series of threads to form as entertaining an adventure as his first.

Mark Lardas, an engineer, freelance writer, amateur historian, and model-maker, lives in League City. His website is

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