John Kasich did an interview on Dave Rubin. Normally, I’d think it’s quite a ‘get’ for Rubin to have such a prominent guest but maybe it says Kasich is just a has-been. From the interview, we learn that

  • He’s a populist
  • He only recently got himself a smart phone because he’s always had people to check the news and get his mail for him during the day.
  • He’s just starting to understand this newfangled new media like the Rubin Report because his people told him to pay attention to “this internet stuff.”
  • He agrees that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”
  • He’s inspired by the student protesters from Parkland: it’s “awesome.”

To his credit, Rubin takes even Kasich’s stupid comments seriously; it’s a tribute to Rubin’s skill as an interviewer. Honestly, I couldn’t finish this; it was too painful to watch. Nevertheless, it was instructive to see just how out of touch the political class is — as if we didn’t already know.... [Read More]


A Special Time

My daughter, who was born in 1973 and is the mother of three, an executive in the pharmaceutical industry and occasional writer for conservative sites, had her first communion today.

Her mother and I were raised Roman Catholic (although I was also raised Baptist), but she had little interest in the Catechism as a child. ... [Read More]


Easter Supper

Goat for dinner: 2018-04-01I’m thawing out my traditional Swiss Easter supper of goat.  Here’s my recipe.  Take a front quarter of goat, 0.5–1 kg (bone in), rub with garlic in a tube, salt and pepper, place in a glass casserole dish with a tight fitting lid, cut an onion in half and place on top of the meat.  Cover and roast in a circulating air oven at 220° C for 75 minutes.  Serve with Carnaroli or Arborio rice, which you start 15 minutes before the roast is ready.  Add juice from the casserole to the rice at the table.  Divide the cooked onions among those at the table.  Ignore the sharks—they’ll beg for the onions, but never eat them.  They’ll eat you, instead.

What’s your Easter supper?... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-4-1: The Biggest Prank

It is April Fool’s Day. Time to loosen the tops to salt shakers. Set various traps around the house. How about writing about the secret love letters between Vlad and Hill? Trump giving up the presidency and entering a monastery? CNN having a legitimate news story? I know those are all good but I think one has got to be more creative.

I want everyone to think. (Minky is excluded.) What is the prank of the century? What is the classic gocha? Write a comment and then look at my answer. Tell me if you agree.... [Read More]