The Looming R1K Crisis

I am not saying that this being the 947th published post here that the site will blow up when the site reaches 1000 published. I am not saying also that the programmer decided that there was no need to test for this. I am not saying that we are selling R1K tee shirts in the Ratburger gift shop either for 2 for $20 and 1 for $10.01. I am not blaming John for not seeing the inevitable. He assured me there was no need since there would be so few posts here. I am not telling you to stop posting to avert R1K either.


It’s not my fault.

I understand I haven’t shopped there in years but can I be blamed for Sears shutting down their store I went to in childhood. You didn’t shop there too and there are more of you. IT’S YOUR FAULT.

Here is the list of the havoc you have caused. [Read More]


VR Explorer

I only recently jumped on the VR (Virtual Reality) bandwagon by purchase of a cheap Gear VR headset that uses my smartphone for rudimentary VR. It has convinced me of the tech’s future.

The first thing I did was explore via the VISO Places app. It is essentially Google Earth for VR. I can name any place in the world or any street in the US and suddenly I’m there, free to look in any direction. I have seen Tokyo,  Vegas, and ancient ruins. I retraced my steps from a trip to Ireland 20 years ago. I visited some old family houses and saw the changes the new owners have made in recent years. Fascinating, with endless possibilities!... [Read More]


1940 – Minor skirmishes in the skies of southern England

News Excerpts of the time:

Prime Minister Lord Halifax tried again to tamp down wild speculation and unfounded rumors about what has been going on at the docklands and military aerodromes all around southern England. Though there have been some reports of bombs hitting London and some military bases the PM says that the extent of the damage is overblown.... [Read More]


TOTD 31 May 2018: Longest Loser Tantrums Ever Continue

Hope you all enjoy the following as much as I did.  It reminds one of the perpetual arrogance of ignorance saluted by the Progressives, and at the same time, is educational.   A two-fer Thursday!  I have included the entire article for your reading pleasure.

Teacher Who Corrected Trump’s Grammar In Viral CNN, NYT Story Got Lots of Stuff Wrong

by Aaron Keller | 5:00 pm, May 29th, 2018... [Read More]


When does a joke cross the line?

I heard that the essence of humor is making fun of someone or something. I think being unnecessarily cruel for a laugh is bad. But also I find taking everything so seriously that no one can say the smallest thing for fear of offending is also bad. Where is the balance between the two extremes?

In the recent cause célèbre, I took it as a joke. I took Roseanne Barr was not saying that Valerie Jarrett was an ape, but look like the Kim Hunter character in Planet of the Apes. I don’t understand how this was over the line when W was caricatured like a chimp all the time. Obama had huge ears. Or Condoleezza Rice was depicted with huge lips. Abraham Lincoln was seen as a gorilla. Sure these things are not the nicest of things but have happened for a long time and been part of public life. In no way was this violent like the Kathy Griffin picture with a severed head. (Picture link: )... [Read More]


Book Review: A Rambling Wreck

“A Rambling Wreck“ by Hans G. SchantzThis the second novel in the author’s Hidden Truth series. In the first book we met high schoolers and best friends Pete Burdell and Amit Patel who found, in dusty library books, knowledge apparently discovered by the pioneers of classical electromagnetism (many of whom died young), but which does not figure in modern works, even purported republications of the original sources they had consulted. As they try to sort through the discrepancies, make sense of what they’ve found, and scour sources looking for other apparently suppressed information, they become aware that dark and powerful forces seem bent on keeping this seemingly obscure information hidden. People who dig too deeply have a tendency to turn up dead in suspicious “accidents”, and Amit coins the monicker “EVIL”: the Electromagnetic Villains International League, for their adversaries. Events turn personal and tragic, and Amit and Pete learn tradecraft, how to deal with cops (real and fake), and navigate the legal system with the aid of mentors worthy of a Heinlein story.

This novel finds the pair entering the freshman class at Georgia Tech—they’re on their way to becoming “rambling wrecks”. Unable to pay their way with their own resources, Pete and Amit compete for and win full-ride scholarships funded by the Civic Circle, an organisation they suspect may be in cahoots in some way with EVIL. As a condition of their scholarship, they must take a course, “Introduction to Social Justice Studies” (the “Studies” should be tip-off enough) to become “social justice ambassadors” to the knuckle-walking Tech community.... [Read More]