I have just ordered two more Trump biographies:

1. Donald Trump: A President Like No Other by Conrad Black and recommended by member Larry Koler.

2. The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game by Ronald Kessler and recommended by Virginia Thomas, wife of the Supreme Court Justice.

I may be a book freak with a particular attraction to historical and presidential biographies, but what surprises me most is that 18 months into his presidency, I will soon own five books on the Donald. I don’t own that many individual books on Washington or Lincoln!

Trump could end up being the greatest promoter of the book industry in history and would that not be a welcome change?


4 thoughts on “Fascinated”

  1. Particular kudos to Virginia Thomas for a wonderful interview on C-Span books with Kessler. She asked very pointed questions about Trump’s ability to withstand an unusually hostile press and legislative body and expressed genuine concern for his physical safety.

    This impressed me greatly, because she, of all people knows what it is like to suffer through that ugly process.

  2. Trump is already one of the most significant presidents in history. Much will be written about this era.

    What we hope to see is that this signals a real change of direction for the country. The arc of history simply must move in the direction of freedom and less state control.

  3. Larry Koler:
    What we hope to see is that this signals a real change of direction for the country.

    At least it signals us that there is a substantial socio-economic demographic that Trump got out to the polls and one that the Dems have so skillfully ignored.


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