Lincoln, the Lawyer

Robert McReynolds’ recent post, entitled Law Review Article, made me think of an interesting realization that I had while watching the movie, “Lincoln” with Daniel Day-Lewis. In the movie, Lincoln says that the reason he didn’t accept the southern states’ secession is that it was not carried out by State Constitutional means.

Here are my musings on the subject:... [Read More]


Nikola Corporation v. Tesla, Inc.

You may have heard of Monday’s $2 billion design patent infringement suit filed by Nikola Corporation against Tesla, Inc. regarding Tesla’s new truck.

What’s Serbo-Croatian for “chutzpah”? AFAIK, Nikola chose its name to capitalize on Tesla’s goodwill. Now, it files a clearly frivolous lawsuit over design patents.... [Read More]


New: Frequently Asked Questions

Ratburger now has a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page, which you can find from a link in the “Meta” section of the right sidebar (on mobile platforms, this section may be at the bottom of the page you’re viewing).

This document is intended to answer questions relating to the origin of the site, the name, its hosting and software platform, administrators and how to contact them, and other such matters.  It is not a guide to using the site: see posts in the Knowledge Base for that information.... [Read More]


My Baby is American Made

For the past few days I’ve had an old Oak Ridge Boys song in my head:

Seems everything I buy these days has got a foreign name,
from the kind of car I drive, to my video game.
I’ve got a Nikon camera, a Sony color TV,
but the one that I love is from the USA standing next to me…
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