To Sir, With Love: entertaining!

We settled down with our wine and chips, back again in the Club Room. We had a nice chat, and then watched our film. Maureen spoke for all of us when she said that we are all really enjoying this.

To Sir, With Love (1967) is a British drama that deals with social and racial issues in inner city schools in London, England. It’s based on a 1959 autobiographical novel by the same name, by E.R. Braithwaite. James Cavell directed from his own screenplay.... [Read More]



I know most of you think I only use words with two syllables or less so why did I put a long word in a title. Simple answer would be I copied and pasted it. The more complicated answer is I wanted to share something profound. You get to take your pick.

I remember reading a memory book. (That sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?) In the book it used the term meaningfulness. We only remember things that are meaningful. That is why a mnemonic is so helpful. Heron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior don’t have much meaning to someone who has just heard the names of the Great Lakes but HOMES does. By connecting to HOMES we remember the Great Lakes. It is the hook that reels in the fish. ROY G BIV is meaningful to many of us because it connects to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. We not only get all the colors of the spectrum but in the right order. ... [Read More]


We Could Run the World

I was just thinking about my brief exchange with member JJ today and frankly, over the years both here and at the legacy site. I wish we could run the legislative branch together. This is why:

I enjoy the fact that we both reach the same conclusions for completely different reasons. Her decisions are based upon religious and moral beliefs; mine are usually based upon pragmatism. Somehow, I believe this is an all-inclusive combination and could form the basis of true bipartisanship.... [Read More]


Maryland Shooting

The suspect has been IDed by facial recognition.

The suspected shooter is 39-year-old Jarrod Ramos, three senior law enforcement officials briefed on the matter told NBC News. Anne Arundel County police declined to provide the suspect’s name.
The suspect threatened the community newspaper on social media, police department spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure said in a briefing Thursay night. ... [Read More]


Logging Machines

Today on a walk, I saw a machine laboring up the road toward me. It looked medieval, like an armored dragon, its movements like that of a heavy, crude puppet.   It had a round saw blade on the front and what looked like large clamps above it. I realized the loggers must be coming to start the work on our property.  I stood off to the side to give it room, gaped at it, and waved to the driver at the controls in the little cab.

The machine rumbled to a turnoff and executed a complicated turn before working its way downhill on the side road. I saw that the tracks tore up our dirt road, but I’m sure the county will be seeing to it again soon. I’m looking forward to having our woods thinned; the trees on our property are diseased and languishing because there are too many of them. It will be a relief to have spaced out trees.... [Read More]