Interesting debate between Michael Dyson and Jordan Peterson – White Privilege

Today at the other site, I negated the idea that the Left no longer holds itself accountable to any religion-based morality. In fact the Left has established the New Aged-styled Calvinism, to whit:

    • Those on the Left who’ve abandoned traditional Christianity have replaced it with the Calvinism of the New Age movement. Secure in the homes that they own, which in Calif are left taxed at low rates with taxation based on the year of the home’s purchase, secure in their pensions, they can easily see no reason to oppose rampant immigration. After all, as immigration & white flight occurs, their homes will go up in value, while their housekeepers & landscapers will be cheaper. If they own a business such as a dry cleaners or a restaurant, their workers can be paid very little under the table.

      Meanwhile younger people, trying to raise their kids and have decent schools for the offspring, find that with rampant immigration comes the least common denominator criteria in terms of hiring teachers for schools, health professionals for hospitals. And if Tucker Carlson’s recent guest can be believed, even the FAA approved air traffic controllers are chosen from a select group of people who did worse in school! So people born in this country, who got good grades & speak English fluently are the last hired. Meanwhile with immigration, even as jobs are less likely to be available to those who are American born, rents go soaring.

      This means that younger and poorer people resent immigrants, as why wouldn’t they? But those who are unaffected Americans can now endlessly virtue signal their love of humanity and declare their fellow citizens as so much ignorant intolerant scum.

      Here is an interesting debate between Michael Dyson and Jordan Peterson that examines “white privilege.” (A privilege that in Calif now extends to those of Asian descent as well, for they have the misfortune of working so diligently at their studies that they are given admission to Univ of Calif schools in such a  disproportion to hispanics and African Americans, that there is now a mandated 4% admissions drop to those applying who indicate their ethnicity  as being Asian.

      Estimated run time is under 11 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Interesting debate between Michael Dyson and Jordan Peterson – White Privilege”

  1. Beyond stupid to debate stupid people. I feel sorry for Peterson in these “debates” — I don’t think it’s constructive. He’s winning the war of ideas and the pro side is winning the war of emotions and catch-phrases. He shouldn’t give them the standing to debate him because they aren’t smart enough to debate these issues on his level.

  2. You certainly raised my ire/interest with this post, Carol!

    I abhor Michael Dyson because he uses my least favorite word in the English language. The word privilege completely ignores American history because it is an oxymoron of capitalism.

    I always prefer to use the term earned.


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