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Dad died a year and a half ago.   Gee I miss him.   I was very fortunate to have him for so long; he was 85.   I saw Fathers Day mentioned today, so when I got a chance to kick back this evening, I went to listen to the stuff he listened to.  I was never musical much, though I enjoy singing in church.   I also was never much into pop music.  Not rock and roll, either.  I was a jazz fan, because Dad was a jazz fan.   We lived within radio range of the public radio station at the University of Tennessee, and they played jazz in the evenings beginning shortly before my bedtime.

I still have some of Dad’s favorites on real honest vinyl, but since we moved to new digs in February I have not found the time to set up the turntable.  So here is a Youtube link to one of our favorites.   Bossa nova.  Enjoy; this is Stan Getz on saxophone, but the thing that makes the album shine is the fabulous guitar of Charlie Byrd.


So, what did your Dad listen to?


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  1. MJBubba:
    Dad died a year and a half ago.   Gee I miss him.   I was very fortunate to have him for so long; he was 85.

    Same here but I don’t remember my father for his musical taste but for his interest in history and politics. I miss our historical debates: Which was the most influential pre-20th century war? The Revolution or the Civil? Who was the best president? Washington or Lincoln? Why is it better (or worse) to be a Conservative or a RINO?

    During season, we always had a weekly date with the Forum Club; a members only group that invited hand-picked moguls in both business and in government to speak over lunch. I met Carly Fiorina (while at HP) and Marco Rubio at some of these events because Dad was president of the club.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to pick up the phone and discuss Trump. He would have thoroughly enjoyed all the controversy and I can’t imagine the conversations/arguments this would have sparked between the two of us.!

  2. My Dad had pretty generic tastes in music… I remember lots of 101 Strings, Glen Campbell, and some Jazz. Sort of the Playboy After Dark lineup.

    What I remember most was his Audiophile streak when we lived in Japan.  One big part of our life was the “tape club” where you could go and sign up for time at a dubbing station, check out some tapes from their library, and happily copy away.  Amazingly the Internet knew about this place!

    hmm, image shows up in preview, it’s here: http://www.usafssmisawa.com/images/dox/dox-1968-misawa-tape-club-brochure.jpg

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Tape Club Master Library Cover[/caption]


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