TOTD 2018-06-22: Cultural Sadomasochism

I’ve always been infuriated by people whining about the US and how oppressive it is.  There’s this constant moaning about how victimized they are and oh the humanity think of the children it’s like Donald Trump is raping us all.   This is coming from people who are in secure, well-paying jobs or people going to school on other people’s money.  It’s like bragging about how victimized you are.

However, being a victim sucks.   Being actually oppressed is a horrible experience that you might not survive.  Being humiliated by powerful people is not physically harmful, but it is certainly not something to boast about.  If these leftists had actually been punched or beaten by their enemies, they would understand that the definition of victimhood is powerlessness.  It’s not something you would ever want to experience.   We sympathize with victims because we know how it feels.  They get a nasty tweet and cry about oppression.  Give me a few minutes with them and a nightstick, baseball bat, or my surplus riot police gloves and I would demonstrate what oppression actually is like.

However, the more I think about it, there is something parallel to this faux-victim status: sadomasochism.

Sadomasochism has simulated and restricted violence, along with oppression.  There are apparently entire fetishes dedicated to being oppressed by Nazi dominatrices, and the standard attire is that of a villain.   I have a step-sister involved in that sub-culture.  One of the first things I noticed was although she was a “slave”, she’s certainly not someone  I would buy, and she is incredibly demanding of her “master”.  In fact, I don’t believe I ever heard him actually order her around.  It’s not even good role-playing or acting!   There’s no sense of fear, no sense of dependence or weakness, nothing to indicate the power dynamic.

The Left is similar.  The right, especially Donald Trump, is their dominator, their “oppressor”, but they clearly never act as if we are dangerous.  Otherwise, they would treat us like they treat Muslims.  If there was a faction of well-armed fascists making up half the US population, I’d be a damn sight more cautious about ticking them off than these supposed victims.  Despite all this rhetoric, they continue to stir the pot and antagonize normal people.  They are the ones crushing dissent and crushing freedoms.

And then some day their fetish becomes the brutal reality of a nation out of for blood.  We have the guns and the training to use them, and they are concentrated in urban areas with minimal survival skills.  I imagine they would not find being a real oppressed victim that empowering.


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  1. S & M is to actual sadism or masochism as victimhood is to actual oppression or subjugation.  Another great example of how the socialists have perverted our language and used it as a weapon against sanity and clarity. Good post, sir!

  2. While reading this, my spouse came in and interrupted me with a joke-y new meme he discovered on social media “Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to be killed by Hillary Clinton than by an AR 15!”

    Thematically speaking, this meme fits in with your essay.

  3. MJBubba:

    Robert A. McReynolds:
    I will say this, the bakers up to a few weeks ago certainly felt oppressed

    Christian bakers are still oppressed.  Remember, that Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling was “narrow.”

    Subsequent to Masterpiece, Arizona expanded the oppression to calligraphers.

    Yeah that is kind of my point. We are propagandize to think that because there are far worse places to live we must live in maximum liberty. We don’t. Our tyrants come at us in a nice suit and a smile and tell us we are better off than the Chinese. Well what about the Americans of twenty years ago, how do we stack up against them? We are not free. We are thrown bread and circuses and told to salute the flag. That ain’t freedom.

  4. RMR,

    The people who are actually oppressed are not the ones engaged in oppression theater.   Someone tortured and raped by a criminal is quite different from someone in S&M.  The people I was addressing are often the ones oppressing the innocent bakers while claiming to be so oppressed themselves.


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