TOTD 2018-07-06 – An Immodest Proposal on Immigration

(This is not a modest proposal, because Planned Parenthood eats all the surplus babies already.)

So, I often hear from open borders advocates that immigrants are much more dynamic and hardworking than American citizens, particularly the young.  If we don’t import vast quantities of Mexican helots, so it is said, all of crops will rot and a head of lettuce will cost more than a Clinton speech.  Why, if you hire some citizen from the inner city or rust belt towns, you might have to pay them the minimum wage the liberals jacked up and actually follow those regulations the liberals established.

On the other hand, I know from personal experience about the exponentially rising cost of a college education that does less to prepare students for actual work, as opposed to moaning about how oppressed they are.  We clearly need another option.

I propose that instead of sending young people to college, we send them to Mexico.

There, they will be transformed into magical Mexican workers, able to do any job for a tiny percentage of the wage of a citizen, no matter how dangerous the conditions.   It must be something in the water (beside cholera and coliform) or in the air (beside malaria mosquitos) that make Mexicans superior to US citizen in the labor market.  Surely, with a few years in Mexico, our young citizens will be as good of workers as their surrounding Mexicans (provided they are not killed by the cartels)  More importantly, even the worst areas of Mexico likely have a lower rate of rape than a college campus, so our future senoritas will be safe.

This is also fiscally responsible – sending people to Mexico is much cheaper than college.  It is also likely to be more academically rigorous and promote more academic freedom.  There are no safe spaces in el barrio, no trigger warnings before gangsters open fire.  This experience will have benefits for both the Right and Left:  They are likely to appreciate America after living in a $***hole country for years, and they will be used to sending money from their paychecks to support a corrupt government.

So when do we start deporting millennials?


6 thoughts on “TOTD 2018-07-06 – An Immodest Proposal on Immigration”

  1. Why deport? Just have Ben Shapiro, Milo, and Ann Coulter clones on each campus. Sell discount ConAir tickets so they can find the ultimate safe place.

  2. 10 Cents:
    ConAir has a special group rates to Venezuela, Omega. The socialist paradise likes college students.

    RatburgAir stands ready to support these mercy flights to and from the Magic Dirt of Mexico.

    Il-76 RatburgAir

  3. Give that the socialist/communist candidate just won the election down there in Mexico, promising Universal HC and free college tuition, I can’t imagine that the milennials will feel oppressed.

    However, any young people going there should be sure to follow all their procedures for being in that country legally. Anyone found being in Mexico illegally does a minimum of two years jail time.


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