TOTD 2018-07-13: SJWs Delenda Est

This is a simple thread with a fairly complex purpose: how do we crush Antifa and the Social Justice Warriors?  I want the full Conan treatment.  I want corporations to laugh at them rather than kneel.

Also, if you have any videos of these fools getting oppressed, please post them here.  I could use some light entertainment.  I’d also take the Hard Hat riots or something similar.


6 thoughts on “TOTD 2018-07-13: SJWs Delenda Est”

  1. We insist on enforcing the law.   When the police stand aside for leftist street violence, we need to file complaints with the police oversight bureaucracy, and find new candidates to run for councils and commissions.   Ask the voters if they really want to have a system where the laws apply to some but not to others.   Appeal to fairness.

    The goal is not to crush the SJWs in the street, but to highlight them in order to persuade the low-information crowd not to vote for them.

    If you already live in an area where the laws are selectively enforced, then read up on your self-defense rights and prepare accordingly.

  2. John Walker:
    This happened in Portland, Oregon on June 3, 2018.  (Some strong language)

    I was unaware this level of stuff was going on.  It looks like a third world country.  Glad I got out.

    I have to say there was something very satisfying seeing those Antifa pukes getting clobbered. You noticed how they quickly ran for cover when the “Patriots” met their violence with violence. These people are paper tigers.


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