PowerLine’s Straight Man among Straight Men

That would be Mitch McConnell, talking about Democrat obstruction tactics and talking points.  With the slightest of smirks as he declaims “how can anyone keep a straight face”.

I’m with Hayward — the Kavanaugh hearings are going to be a hoot.


2 thoughts on “PowerLine’s Straight Man among Straight Men”

  1. Everything I’ve heard is telling me not to worry, he’ll be confirmed.  But to hear the left talk, it’s akin to nuclear winter coming.  Will it just be a matter of the left making fools of themselves as expected?

    I hope there is no real cause for concern here.

  2. That CSPAN video of Mitch McConnell announcing Anthony Kennedy’s impending retirement is hilarious.   He delivered some real howlers in a completely deadpan fashion, didn’t pause at all for some real pointed points, and then at the end, you can see he almost sorta kinda thought about a smile and then thought better of it.

    It is really worth four minutes or so.



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