1200 Klicks to Canada, in the high lonesome

Here we are , doing one of our classic vacations while working over the net deals. We just arrived at our first destination after driving the F150 over 1200 kilometers (they use different measures up here and pretend it’s meaningful).

Jasper Alberta is smack dab in the middle of a National Park with crystal waters, slate gray mountains and thin rooted pines struggling with pre-permafrost.

It is a cathedral everywhere you look, an imposing yet gentle persona in every view.

Wifi is working which means I can sneak a few hours to keep the wheels of industry turning.

More to come if I get the Muse.


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4 thoughts on “1200 Klicks to Canada, in the high lonesome”

  1. Gerry D:
    I just have to ask, “WiFi” in the middle of nowhere? Oh excuse me, in the middle of picturesque Canada? How?

    Ask too many questions and we send you to the iced tealess retraining camp, Gerry. No straws either.


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