What’s in a name….

OK bored and had an inkling of what could possibly be in a name like “Ratburger”, I poked around the web.

I found one interesting satire, that could ruin my supper. In case you would like to skip supper, diet or whatever, read this from the Natural News.

Personally, I think that image is cute.

(Maybe I should have waited for Monday Meals?)


Author: Gerry_D

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4 thoughts on “What’s in a name….”

  1. This reminds me–I had mentioned in the Tuesday call that I though I had seen Ratburger “years ago” and was informed that it was only months old. Oops.

    So I was pondering this and I realized I was probably thinking of Rantburg. Hadn’t though of it for years but that’s my current excuse. Or…retrocausality. Which is threatening to become a mere deus ex machina.


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