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    Temporarily have some internet, so here’s two pix of our campsite at the northwest corner of Oregon:


    [caption id="attachment_10837" align="alignnone" width="611"] View from our camp chairs[/caption]

  2. Trinity Waters:
    our campsite at the northwest corner of Oregon:

    How are the slugs this year in the temperate rainforest?

    We camped somewhere in Oregon, right by the coast, in the forest, some years ago. On the picnic table at our chosen site was a beautiful 9-inch slicing knife, handmade, with a riveted wood handle and a carbon-steel blade. Along the blade was a fat, 7-inch slug just sitting there. Ugh. Well, the owner was nowhere to be found for a couple of days, so since then, that is our slug knife.


  3. Flowers grow in umbels in the elderberry bush, Sambucus canadensis. They bloom for 3 weeks in June. We make champagne-style wine from the blossoms. 2018 vintage will be ready by Christmas.



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