The Ref Story

I just heard this from a friend.

My friend loved football. He is/was a big guy with a big heart. At the field that he played football before his game and after his game he would ref the 9 year olds. He was lucky because his mentor told him how to do that.

His mentor told him the important thing is to keep the game going. Don’t worry about being a slave to the rules. 9 year olds will start maybe a faction of a second early and be off sides too often so relax that rule. Realize that you will get calls wrong unintentionally. If you change those calls, then everyone will be yelling for you to change every call.

He was reffing one day and in the stands there was a loud parent. It turned out this parent was a hot shot lawyer type who had played football when he was younger. Since he was good at football he wanted his son to be just as good. In the course of the game, my friend called a penalty on his son. The father went ballistic. He went out on the field and confronted my friend. My friend was only 17 and the guy was in his 40s. My friend stood his ground. The father wouldn’t back down. What is a ref suppose to do? Well, my friend goes over to the coach of the team and says, “You have one minute to get this guy off the field or I am calling the game.” As we all know, some people just don’t know how to stop digging. He shoves my friend and then my friend calls the game.

Then the “backhoe” comes out. The lawyer couldn’t let this stand. He decided to sue the league for this injustice. My friend had to go to court. He had to testify to what had happened. He was scared. He being who he was he calmly related the story. The judge looked at my friend and then spoke to the lawyer father, “You are fortunate that this young man did not press charges for you shoving him. If he did I would put you in jail right now.”

Years passed. The lawyer gets caught doing some “legal work” with his secretary by his wife. Let’s just say the lawyer found himself single again. Time passes. His business fails and he has to leave the area a disgrace.

I told my friend, “It is sad that some smart people just can’t let it go. They think they are special and the rules don’t apply to them. They do and later the rules catch up with them.”


4 thoughts on “The Ref Story”

  1. Dime:
    The father went ballistic. He went out on the field and confronted my friend.

    The worst ones are hockey parents. I was attending a play-off game in which my middle school nephews were playing and was, unfortunately sitting next to one of those fathers who thinks every one of his personal unfulfilled dreams will be met by his son. He was so loud and verbally abusive to the ref, that other parents were moving far up the stands to avoid him.

    I did as well but not before loudly confronting him with, “Forget the lithium today?” That did quiet him down for at least a period but I never attended another game. My 12 yr old nephew had the best line:

    “I don’t blame you for never coming back; I wouldn’t either but my father would be extremely disappointed.” Sigh. It never ends.

  2. In high school I was in the marching band, and we had to play at one JV football game each year.  They were horrible.  Lots of parents on both sides trash talking and being super unpleasant, and then screaming obscenities AT THE MARCHING BAND coz they were associated with the other side.  Yikes!

  3. Damocles:
    … and then screaming obscenities AT THE MARCHING BAND coz they were associated with the other side.

    You win this round. Even this maniacal sports lover has never heard of such… I don’t know what!


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