What is Ratburger?

“What is Ratburger?” is a good question but it was not high on the priority list when we started. The big thing was just to see if something would work. John got the site up on his test domain. And it just so happened his test domain name was Ratburger.org. My first thought was “RATBURGER.ORG?!!!!” (I often think in capital letters with four exclamation points.) Then I realized the name was in line or is it online with my thinking. I wanted something memorable and down to earth. Something with a smirk and fun in it. Well, it does that, doesn’t it?

I have talked to John on a conference call weekly for a few years. (It is rumored he used to have a full head of hair before he started talking to me.) I got to know him so I knew a site done with him would be technically good and be interesting. He has always been open to the ideas of others and even has some ideas of his own.

I think of John like this.

The old joke:

Boss: Jump!

Employee: How high?

The John Variant:

Me suggesting: We need to go higher.

John: I have built an elevator. What floor? BTW, I think making an express elevator is not needed at this time but if we do need one the perpetual motion model is economical.

What is Ratburger.org? It is just a site trying to get off the ground. It is a site that doesn’t want to take itself too seriously but does want to allow serious discussions without all the crap. Hopefully, it is a site you will want to come to not to get angry but to smile.


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