Mighty Peter has Strzok Out

News item: FBI agent Peter Strzok finally fired by the FBI.

All is as foreseen in the epic poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer:

A sneer appeared from Peter’s lip, his tongue looked like a snake;
And his head did that funny little shimmy-shudder-shake
But then the deputy stepped up and said the time has come
“You are fired!” he cried, “Out of here, you bum!”

Oh, all about this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing happily, and all our hearts are light,
And Americans are laughing, and little children shout;
But there’s no joy in Progville – mighty Peter has Strzok out.

OK, that’s not quite how the original goes.  I’m in hiding, hopefully safe from the dead poet’s vengeance.


6 thoughts on “Mighty Peter has Strzok Out”

  1. And now that Strzok has been fired, all of the slimy creatures revealed when they lifted the piece of cardboard under which he was hiding will quit before their pensions are put at risk.

    Strozk, Strozk, Strozk!
    Bail, Bail, Bail!

    Couldn’t resist.


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