Enemy of the People 2018-08-16

Today we were treated to a burst of collusion by the lamestream media.   For the past week, the Boston Globe has been encouraging journalists to publish editorials today that would condemn President Trump for calling the “fake news media” the “enemy of the people.”   Somewhere around 350 editorials were published today in answer to the Boston Globe’s call.   There were also a handful of editorials that opined that this collective effort would surely backfire and only prove Trump’s allegation that the journalists are partisan Leftists and “the Opposition Party.”

So, Ratburghers, did you bother to read any of these editorials?

Did you see any new points that you had not already heard many times?

Did you see any really good examples of arguments against President Trump?   Any criticisms that seemed to be helpful or useful to the public discourse over the battles between Team Trump and mass media?

Have you heard any conversations triggered by this effort at a collective rebuke of President Trump?

My thinking is that this is a really small deal.   Nobody will be persuaded to think differently than they already did.


7 thoughts on “Enemy of the People 2018-08-16”

  1. I already posted my opinion of American journalism:

    Enemy of the People

    In case you are a glutton for punishment, go to the Boston Globe:


    Here is Leftist coverage of the onslaught of anti-Trump editorializing:


    Here is a brief review of the “backfire” angle:


  2. I did not read them. I also did not read Pravda, or the Chinese House Organ or Mother Jones.

    I did not watch MSNBC, CNN , ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS.

    I did listen to Rush, Dan Bongino and read Conservative Treehouse, Instapundit, Pajama Media,Breitbart, Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit. I looked at 8chan for Q.

    I need to go look up Scott Adams since they have shadowbanned him on twitter.

    I feel informed.  No need to see what the shills are saying. It never changes.

  3. Yeah, yeah.

    I listen to NPR so you don’t have to.

    You aren’t missing anything.   You could be told any topic, and then write their stuff for them.   They are that predictable.


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