Did Trump really save America from Socialism?

More evidence of Obama’s involvement in all the corruption was the fact that he himself used a pseudonym to email Hillary on her private server. Then he later lied about it as confirmed by the IG report.

Another Strzok email to Page shows concern that some other staff member had stated “the White House is running this,” but Page assures him that “we got emails that say otherwise.”

That’s right; they were creating fake email trails to cover up Obama’s involvement. Even Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, admitted in a CNN interview that “It was he [Obama] who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place,” explaining that it “set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.”

Moreover, according to the DOJ Inspector General report, one of Obama’s top DOJ officials phoned FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, pressuring him to drop the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. There’s no way this official would do this without approval from Obama. Such revelations, are, as author Matthew Vadum puts it, “raising the specter of a sitting president becoming involved in a plot to rig the 2016 election.”

Hillary had to be exonerated in the private email scandal and an investigation of her pay-to-play foundation had to be avoided, because Obama could not afford to have her indicted in the midst of her presidential campaign. She was essential to continuing Obama’s plan to transform America and permanently keep the Republicans out of power. The Deep State is essentially the group of conspirators Obama assembled to (a) protect Hillary from being indicted, (b) smear the GOP nominee, and (c) ensure Hillary won the presidency.


Article details not only Obama’s politicization of federal agencies to be weaponized against a Trump Presidency, it also relates information about the voting group “Acorn’s” role in helping illegal immigrants to register to vote. As well as offering a chronicle of the IRS agents being allowed to pursue and persecute  those from RW organizations.


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  1. We all may need to save Trump from the deep state!

    All the obvious criminality on the part of the Democrats will come to naught. The media will downplay it all (if they mention it at all) as they continue to NOT tell how the Clintons destroyed the women who had sexual relationships with Bill. While at this hour, the headlines are that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, paid off Stormy Daniels  in contravention of campaign finance law  “at the candidate’s behest.” Pay your paramours off, like Trump – that’s criminal! Headlines to follow for weeks. Destroy them like Clinton – that’s not worth mention in the press. Big trouble is brewing from this. Hang on.

    We live in such an insane legal minefield that, no one, including the President, can escape an investigation like Mueller’s without finding “wrongdoing” if prosecutors want to get him and they do. The only remedy is political: make it impossible to criminalize political differences (as they are doing)  by massive showing of support for the President, especially including massive Republican turnout in November to keep Republican control of the Congress (if he can last that long).

  2. Ms. Carol,  thanks for the link.

    The article is very long but it is dense and packed with lots of useful links.   It is worth bookmarking.

    Yes; by electing Donald Trump we have all had a narrow escape.   A heavy lift still lies before us if we are to save western civilization.


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