TOTD 2018-08-22: Not My Problem, Grasshopper…

Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.” – Bob Carter

When you consider American conservatism, self-reliance always comes to the forefront. The classic conservative American ideal is the self-made man, the person does not need to rely on others. Now, this is not exactly accurate – we are not islands isolated from each, we are social creatures – but the principle is there. We do not celebrate, barbecue, and launch fireworks for Dependence Day.

There is a harsher side to this focus on self-reliance – the fate of those not self-reliant. This brings up the classic fable of the grasshopper and the ant. The grasshopper partied while the ant kept busy storing up resources and digging a burrow, and when the winter came the grasshopper starved and froze to death. Harsh, yes, but that was the way of the world for centuries. Pity and charity are fundamentally luxuries – if you do not have abundance, the unprepared starve. There is no obligation to help others at a cost yourself except moral principles. It is noble and a deeply respected tradition to offer hospitality to the traveler, even if he was unprepared for the journey. Regardless, there is no formal duty to aid others.

I am not a believer in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism with its hatred of altruism – I serve the King of Heroic Sacrifice – but the modern culture of dependence and refusal to prepare for future misfortune is leading us off of the cliff. Perhaps it is time to bring back a dose of cold reality to our modern grasshoppers.


7 thoughts on “TOTD 2018-08-22: Not My Problem, Grasshopper…”

  1. OmegaPaladin:
    This is a repost of my QOTD from R>

    What is QOTD? It sounds like someone is trying to do a cheap TOTD  knockoff. My guess is an unimaginative hack started that.

    Good quote!

    What gets me is being stupid is a virtue now. It is a form of victim signaling. “Help me! It’s not my fault. They forced me not to study and save. How was I suppose to know sex was connected in any way to procreation?”

  2. That reminds me to either buy new batteries for my UPS or buy a generator sometime in the fall in preparation for a possible power outage next winter.

    Under absolute worse conditions, I can flip a switch to route power from the UPS to our furnace. It is already hard wired to the “idiot box”, (TV), and two more outlets on the main floor.

    Don’t wanna be a frozen grasshopper!


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