State of Play

We are watching a desperate campaign to destroy the will of the America First populists who won the 2016 election.

You can see it in the news media, the Never Rights, entertainment, the Democrats and the McCain GOP.

The public I see amongst the working class and entrepreneurs listen to the news and their anger builds.

The credentialed but lightly educated seem oblivious.

We are grouping into a tribal grouping of makers, takers and bureaucrats

I now believe the next election in 2018 will be won on anger.

Sundance is worth a read on this:

Cold Anger


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6 thoughts on “State of Play”

  1. I pray you are right.  Spent the last week on vacation with my beloved son, who is inching toward the Left as he climbs the corporate ladder.  Even as he succumbs to the temptations of the Left, he still recognizes and responds to the plight and worth of the common working men who have been left behind.

    He voted for Trump.  But I am not sure he will again.


  2. Thanks for the link.

    I was pleased to see the turnout for Trump’s rally in Evansville.   They set a record for attendance at that arena, with 11,500, plus they turned 2,000 people away.   Go, Trump, go.   MAGA


  3. TKC 1101:
    We are grouping into a tribal grouping of makers, takers and bureaucrats

    I LIKE this. I hope it is all right with you if I quote you. I will use TKC as my source. 🙂


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