Jury Duty

Ya’ know, it happens to nearly all of us. I think more so in areas where less people are registered to vote. They seem to select jurors from the voter registrations.

I copped out of my last selection because of medical reasons, won’t be so lucky this time. Why cop out, it’s a citizen’s duty to be a juror when called. Well it’s a pain where a pill can’t reach, unless that pill is a suppository.

One has to sit for long periods and pay attention to something that is of little interest to most. Except those who are crime and mystery aficionados.

I should have seen it coming, fate had me watching lawyer and police clips on YouTube. Some rather interesting things on there for example how a policeman can deliberately leave out something to make it look like someone said something entirely different. Things about video recording police, how to use the Fifth Amendment, how to get out of a routine sobriety checkpoint stop, or more likely how to harass the cop that stops you.

Can someone trust a policemen? Seriously? Personally I have my doubts about them like I have doubts about politicians. That being said, I also have a deputy sheriff and a policeman in my immediate family! I would trust them with my life, but that’s because they are relatives.

The topper is that I will get only $9.00 per day and loose my regular pay for that day. I’m not happy about that. I will have to check with my Human Resources department to see if they will stop my insurance because I won’t be working a full forty hour week. Take vacation time you might suggest. NOT, that’s my time, I earned it, not the courts.

They also say one will get $0.15 per mile to commute to the court, (in small print, between the courthouse and my local post office). That’s across the street from the courthouse, I live three miles away.

Well, I gotta do what I gotta do.

The only other two times I made it to the courtroom, one was concluded in the judges chambers and I was dismissed, the other time it was a distasteful child molestation case. Besides that, one other time I was called but not selected to get to the courtroom.

Well it’s not until November. A lot can happen between now and then.

Thanks for giving me the space to ramble on…..


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2 thoughts on “Jury Duty”

  1. You never know how a jury duty call will turn out.

    I have been dismissed every time I was called, which is three times.   I am eligible to be called again now.   Snooks landed on a jury that was sequestered in a motel for four days.   My Mama once got put on a grand jury that required every Tuesday for six months.


  2. One of the great things about living in a country where you’re not a citizen is that you never get called for jury duty.

    Even better is living in a country that abolished jury trials in 2011 after only having them in a few cantons (states) previously, so your neighbours don’t get envious of your getting out of that obligation.  (Hey, you also don’t have to serve in the militia, so there’s envy left over from that!)

    Want to get out of jury duty?  Here’s my anarchist’s guide.

    • Download and print out a copy of Lysander Spooner’s 1852 “An Essay on the Trial by Jury” and conspicuously read it in the jury room or, better still, print out a dozen copies and hand them out to your fellow prisoners of the State.
    • Read the Fully Informed Jury Association Web site, download the material available there, and share it with prospective jurors.
    • When given an opening in voir dire questioning, state, “If selected for this jury I will do my seven hundred year old duty under the common law to judge both the law and facts in this case.  I will respect no judicial instruction contrary to my duty under the common law.”

    Hey, you may spend a night in jail for contempt (which I’d consider a badge of honour), but it’s better than two weeks on a case about some creep who torched his Bentley for the insurance money (the last time I was on a jury before I got out of the California People’s Republic.)


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